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The environmental benefits of biofuel are well-recognized and acknowledged throughout the world: carbon emission reductions, increased fuel economy, reduction of dependence on fossil fuels. But the creation of a biofuel industry in developing economies, like Africa, go far beyond environmental concerns. Jobs are being created, economies are being impacted, infrastructure is being built, services provided, and lives profoundly changed.

We believe there is only one way to do business, and that is to invest in the people who have given their trust, who have dared to hope that they have not been forgotten in the global economy, that there are businesses who understand that the only way to achieve real success is to measure it in human terms. A well-managed business will undoubtedly turn a good profit and provide a sound return, but a business that goes beyond the balance sheet can have effects that ripple into the future for generations to come.

We are committed to the social and economic development of the people of Africa, and have built those principles into the very core of our company.

Learn more about how we are having an impact on African communities:

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