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We believe that the only way to achieve sustainable profitably is to create a sustainable livelihood for the communities in which we work. We believe in partnering with communities, tribes and governments to create lasting economic infrastructures and change lives. We believe that investing in safety, healthcare and education are not secondary to our corporate mission, but part of the reason we are in business.
For all new fields that we rent and develop with irrigation systems, a minimum of 10 percent of the irrigated and maintaned acreage is given back to the local farmers.

We believe that transparency and open dialogue is essential to good corporate governance and solid fiscal management, and that those tenants translate into bottom-line returns for our investors and the people who are directly impacted by our presence in their communities.

Solar Harvest is proof positive that doing the right thing is good business.
Where else can you put your investment that you can feel this good about a great return on investment?
Get to know us better and learn about how you can join with us to actively change the world.

Solar Harvest AS shares (one class only) are registered in
The Norwegian Central Securities Depository (The VPS)
ISIN: NO 001 0625247.
Verdipapirsentralen ASA (VPS) is a Norwegian public limited company authorised to register rights to financial instruments with the legal effects stipulated by the Securities Register Act.


Stein Hansen

FIRST Securities ASA
ph. +47 2323 8203
mobile +47 9020 9951

Eirik Lilledahl

FIRST Securities ASA
ph. +47 2323 8031
mobile +47 9205 0372

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